About Us

About Sprind


Sprind S.A.C. was founded in 1994, our company works as Representatives of Foreign Suppliers in the field of chemicals: industrial grade, food grade, feed grade, pharmaceutical grade, agrochemicals, natural and synthetic rubbers, plastic resins, raw materials and machinery for rubber processing and rethreading.

We work in the following Markets: Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala.

Likewise, we are processors and exporters of Peruvian Seabird Island Guano in Pellets and 100% Organic Fertilizers based in blends of Peruvian Seabird Island Guano with other organic fertilizers, the Peruvian Seabird Island Guano is considered the best and most complete organic fertilizer in the world.

We are a trading company oriented to satisfy the requirements of importation of raw materials or finished industrial products by local end-users or distributors.

Our engagement is to attend our clients efficiently, with deliveries on time, reasonable prices and good quality of products supplied by our Represented Companies, looking for the total satisfaction of our clients.

SPRIND S.A.C. is a company with ISO 9001:2008 Certfication.